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Put Your Brand & Development Plan Into Action

Brand Development

Self Promotion, Marketing, Touring Development

Develop Your Presence

Performance, Stage & Show Set building.

Within The Walls Of A Great Facility

In the heart of the Byward Market in Ottawa.

Modern & Affordable Services

Artist Alliance has built a team of great artists, producers and songwriters within the walls of a great facility in the heart of the Byward Market in Ottawa.

Branding, Concepts & Promotion

Mixed with business PR, touring, performance evaluation and songwriting, we will help build you a ground up development plan that you can execute and flourish from.

We believe There is room for everyone

Along with the perseverance and dedication to your craft, guidance is also a key component to learning new ways to attack your career, whether it be new ideas, or tried and true ones.

Artist Alliance has built a team of great artists, producers and songwriters within the walls of a great facility in the heart of the Byward Market in Ottawa.

a one of a kind
artist development facility


A scene lush with talent and the drive for success to take the country by storm. We have built a team of great artists, producers and songwriters, within the walls of an amazing facility, in the heart of the Byward Market in Ottawa.

Our Services

The Artist Alliance Company offers modern and affordable services that can be tailored to meet your needs. Helping to navigate how new artists are discovered and how music is produced, distributed and purchased. Our experience with branding, concepts and promotion mixed with business PR, touring, performance evaluation and songwriting will help build you a ground up development plan that you can execute and flourish from.

In an industry that is ever changing and a landscape that is evolving everyday we want to help you get your foothold in the industry and build your musical career. Wherever you’re located or whatever your available budget we can provide value services built to help build a more sustainable career.

State Of The Art
Recording Studio-AAS

Production & Recording Of Singles/ EPs/ Albums (Yes Albums) Voice Overs/ Legacy Recordings (Inquire Within)

Performing Development/ Stage Presence & Show Set building

Exactly How It Sounds- If You Want To Play With The Best Then You Have To Be As Good Or Better- We Can Help

Business Development

Putting Your Brand and Development Plan Into Action

Self Promotion/ Marketing/ Touring Development-Proper Launch Of Your Career

Marketing is 50% Of Your Career. You Have To Be Willing To Hit The Streets- Lets Build Your Plan Together.

Music Creative
& Hands on Direction

Music Production, Songwriting, Photoshoot, Music Video, Branding, Radio, Press Campaign, Nightclub Shows & Release Launch

Graphics & Brand Identity

Branding and identity development with our professional graphic design partner FM Designs.  Offering print and online media image solutions. Includes all graphics for promotional materials, album artwork, social media posts, website landing pages, one sheets, EPKs, advertising events, posters, flyers, stickers, etc.

Vocal Coaching

Everyone Benefits From Vocal Coaching. Even The Big Stars Continue With Lessons to Fine Tune And Keep Their Instrument Working Flawlessly.

Mixing & Mastering

We will mix and master your project that has been tracked at another studio.

About The Artist Alliance

Established in Ottawa in 2018 to help new and emerging artists succeed in the music industry. The Artist Alliance Company offers high-end services that can be tailored to meet your needs. In an industry that is ever changing and a landscape that is evolving everyday we want to help you get your foothold in the industry and build your musical career.


Passion, desire, devotion, commitment

A tireless work ethic and a dream to chase; If you were to build a personality by combining all of these things, your finished product would be a man named Jason Wilkinson.
After a 10 year career in acting, I switched over to a new career in broadcasting in 2010. During these years I’ve had the opportunity to meet a lot of incredibly successful people in the entertainment industry. However, I fondly look back at my time spent with Jason, now seeing that the drive he had and continues to have for music, is the same exact kind of drive that has built the careers of this industries most successful people. If you were to put your ambitions into some ones hands, I’d highly recommend it to be those of Jason Wilkinson and the Artist Alliance Company,


Brody Jackson- Morning Show Host
of Winnipeg’s top country station QX 104

It has been my pleasure to have worked with Jay on numerous projects over the years.

His skills as a songwriter and tireless work ethic have been his simple formula for success and a source of inspiration for my own career. The quality of Jays’s work as a songwriter /producer can be added to death and taxes as one of life’s certainties

Dan Swinimer- Writer / producer and founder of Manicdown Music Inc. During his 5 years in country music, he discovered and developed Canadian Country stars Madeline Merlo and Jojo Mason, and has written / produced upwards of 20 hit songs.

When I first heard “A Day in the Death Of” it hit me in a way no song had ever hit me before

I quickly fell in love with Beyond the Fall and ALL of their music. When I reached out to let them know, Jason Wilkinson responded quickly a friendship was formed. I started a BTF Fan Page and that quickly gained followers on MySpace. Jason and the band were always kind to me, reaching out and seeing how I was doing. Years after the band broke up, and my niece battled cancer, Jason and several others always checked in from time to time and were always there for support. Jason was always first class in any interaction, and truly respected the work I put into the Fan Page.


David Owens-
Head of Beyond the Fall FanClub and super fan

Jason is a super talented songwriter...

with an outstanding gift for crafting memorable hooks and melodies. His talent combined with an outstanding work ethic makes him a true creative force.

Mike Landis- Former President for EO Records in Cincinnati, Producer/Engineer for Raw Sugar Sound in Cincinnati.

Will Artists Come Out On Top In The Spotify Lawsuit?

Spotify recently released a statement in their attempt to hit back at what they feel is a misrepresentation of what they are actually fighting for in the lawsuit.

Written by: Jason Wilkinson

The Top Four Things You Need To Do To Get To The Next Level Of Your Music Career

Do your research, talk to other writers with documented, real success in the industry. Believe me, when you separate yourself from the emotional side of your music and ask for help, it will change your writing for the better.

Written by: Jason Wilkinson

What is a Hit Song Anyway?

Trying to write a hit song? There really is no formula. Listening to hits, analyzing them and asking the questions of why it’s a hit will help. 

Written by: Jason Wilkinson

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Studio Booking

How much do you charge?

Our studio rates are highly competitive but will vary depending on the type of project you’re working on and we take budget into mind as well. Typically prices start at $400 per day based on an 8-10 hour day.

What services does your studio offer?
Our recording studio offers a range of writing and recording services. Perhaps you’re looking to record vocals to a backing track in an afternoon? Or maybe you want to work with our writing team for a full week to put together an album or EP? Get in touch via the booking form now to discuss your project.
What genres of music do you specialize in?
Our recording studio specialises in a number of mainstream and lesser-known genres. Our talented team of producers and writers cover the following genres to name but a few; acoustic, pop, hard rock, pop rock, R’n’B, urban. Send us a booking enquiry now to talk about your project.
What equipment do you have at your studio?
Our studio is equipped with the Slate Raven console with Pro Tools with over 50 additional plugins run through an Apogee Quartet. We also have the Slate Virtual Mic system as well as numerous other mics. You have access to our number of guitars ranging from Gibson to Fender to Martin. There is a Roland electronic drum kit on site as well where drummers can pay $20 an hour to come and practise or to play their parts for a particular track that we will replace with world class drums sounds. ( Saves your project a ton of money). We also have a state of the art vocal booth that we spent a lot of time and money getting just right.
What experience do your producers & songwriters have?
Collectively, our writers and producers have over 40 years experience in the industry.. Our team have writing credits that include numerous radio tracks and numerous songs written for TV & film and other artists. Our engineer has worked on many full albums along side some of the countries top producer/engineers mixers.
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The Artist Alliance

Jason Wilkinson
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